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Senior Pastor: Pastor W. Scott Summers

E-mail: revscooter65@gmail.com

Church Office: (304) 274-2011

Church Building: (304) 274-1900

Fax: (304) 274-1200

Ministers of Visitation: Rev. Walter and Freeda Bowers

E-mail: bowerspep@aol.com

Home: (304) 262-6512

Church Secretary: Loralee Miller

E-mail: bedingtonumc@frontier.com

Phone: (304) 274-2011

Church Council Chair: Jerry Leishman

E-mail: jleishman2421@gmail.com

Phone: (304) 283-8372

Church Council Group E-mail

Church Council Recording Secretary: Gail Carter

E-mail: gmshack@aol.com

Home: (304) 263-1776

Finance Committee Chair: Steve W Hose

E-mail: finance@bedingtonumc.org

Phone: (301) 992-1870

Lay Leader & Financial Secretary: Vickie Elliott

E-mail: velliott@fmiwv.com

Phone: (304) 274-6365

Treasurer: Jerry Leishman

E-mail: treasurer@bedingtonumc.org

Cell: (304) 283-8372

SPRC Chair: Lori Turner

E-mail: loriturner010@comcast.net

Nominations Chair: Joe Gift

E-mail: jgift71@hotmail.com

Trustees Chair: Kyle Sandy

E-mail: syle02@hotmail.com

Phone: (304) 839-6756

Trustees: Steve Joswick

E-Mail: bsaturn@frontier.com

Home: (304) 274-8937

Missions: Denia Leshman

E-mail: accountant@hsumc.org

Food Pantry: Loria Webb

E-mail: onhill8880@aol.com

Home: (304) 274-2605

United Methodist Men: Glen Davis

United Methodist Women: Dee LaFaber

E-mail: dlafaber@comcast.net

Home: (304) 263-1784

Cell: (304) 676-6804

Worship - Altar Guild: Janet George

E-mail: janetlgeorge@yahoo.com

Lay Member to Conference & BUMC Historian: Nancy Deeds

E-mail: njdeeds@frontier.com

Home: (304) 274-1518

Cell: (304) 279-0879

Evangelism and Marketing: Rick & Paige Davis

E-mail: bufandrick@aol.com

Sunday School Superintendent: Rich Hague

E-mail: r.hague13@yahoo.com

Cell: (240) 357-6436

Roots Youth Group: Kyle Sandy

E-mail: syle02@hotmail.com

Phone: (304) 839-6756

Junior Youth Group: Beth Sandy

E-mail: s2kbwagle@netscape.net

Home: (304) 270-1053

Cell: (304) 839-8184

At Large Member: Gail Borman

Phone: (304) 274-1277

At Large Member: Freeda Bower

E-mail: bowerspep@aol.com

Webmaster: Steve W Hose

E-mail: steve.hose@hosegroup.com

Phone: (301) 992-1870